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Got 44 results, configured to fail if != 0
"SELECT id as unique_field, count(*) as n_records FROM “source.charges” where transaction_id is not null group by id having count(*) > 1"
39 commits
Refactoring model
2023/04/16 14:31
Update column names for consistency
2023/04/14 10:01
Refactor model to improve performance
2023/04/12 09:39
Refactoring model
2023/04/07 14:47

Actionable alerts

Understand what happened just by looking at the alert

Alerts show the error message, last code change and its author so you can narrow down your search.

Upstream first

Save time by starting at the right place. Slack alerts show the most upstream error first.

Author and last commit

See who made the last change and get an an idea of whether a recent change may have caused the error.

Root cause analysis

Find the root cause

Alerts tag owners and include error messages, last changes, and number of impacted assets so you can start your root-cause analysis right from Slack.

Identify upstream issues

Use the lineage to discovery how issues may relate to one another and whether they originate further upstream.

Find out when it began

Logs allow you pin down the moment in which the error started happening.

Review relevant code changes

Compare the time when the error first happened with the PRs made at that time to find the origin of the issue.

"I particularly like jumping straight from a Slack alert to the compiled SQL code. I can then run the code in Snowflake to get the specific rows that failed the test. Combined with being able to see if any upstream data models had an error, I can narrow down my investigation a lot."

— Paul Flynn, Head of BI



Solve the problem

Once you identify the error, Synq provides everything you need to fix it fast and confidently across your stack.

Run the code against the warehouse

Get the compiled and raw versions of the code in 2 clicks and run it to see what it’s doing.

Column-level lineage

Understand the flow of data on column level to understand how issues can be resolved.

Let them know it’s fixed

Synq shows you who was affected by the error, be nice and let them know you fixed it so they can carry on.

Escalate upstream

If you need to, use the lineage to escalate the issue to the right owner.

"Synq gives me the ability to structure our hundreds of dbt tests to always have an overview of which one are problematic and get notified of new ones with relevant alerts. This has sped up my debugging workflow by 50% "

— Ryan Collings, BI Analyst


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