— Written by Petr Janda — 5/19/2023

More precise Slack alerts

Alert confirmation, preventing typos and more granular severity configuration.

Alerts routed exactly to the right people increase relevancy and actionability. We’re releasing new sensitivity filter and new checks to ensure they are always right and exactly to your spec.

More granular sensitivity

In cases when you want to route model errors (CRITICAL issues) and model test errors (ERROR issues) to separate alerting targets we’ve revamped alert sensitivity selection that allows you to granularly select one or many sensitivity levels per alert.

Alerts sensitivity

Choose alert sensitivity.

Setting up alerts with confidence

Synq fetches the list of Slack channels from your workspace to prevent setting alerts up to a non-existing channel. No more typos.

To confirm that alerting rule is active we send confirmation message to your channel.

Slack confirmation

So your alerts are always set up right.