Ed Orozco 9/15/2023

We now support warehouse query logs

Query logs help us identify costly models and boost the precision of freshness monitors.

Sneak peak at our column-level lineage

9/1/2023 — Soon you will be able to trace a column across your stack.

Manage anomaly monitors at scale

8/28/2023 — Mute and unmute specific monitors and tests in alerts.

System health & more accurate anomaly models

8/18/2023 — New health overview at the system and asset levels supported by more powerful anomaly detection models.

A faster review monitors and tests

7/27/2023 — We made reviewing dozens of tests and monitors faster and from a single screen.

An overview of the status of your stack

7/21/2023 — See the status of all dbt checks and Synq monitors in one place.

Better integration errors

7/7/2023 — Issues with your integrations now provide information about the error to help you understand the problem.

Brand new lineage

6/30/2023 — We rebuilt our entire lineage specifically for large workspaces and introduced many usability improvements.

Access monitors from anywhere

6/23/2023 — Faster filters, relationship tests visibility and monitors get their own space.

Monitors and UI updates

6/16/2023 — Monitor sensitivity, statuses, and UI improvements.

Anomaly previews in Slack and model feedback

5/23/2023 — Preview of anomaly alert in Slack, model feedback.

Assets overview and new filters

5/22/2023 — Browse all assets, and filter incremental tables or issues from yesterday.

More precise Slack alerts

5/19/2023 — Alert confirmation, preventing typos and more granular severity configuration.

Unified error detection with dbt tests and anomaly monitors

5/1/2023 — Combine dbt tests and anomaly monitors into one error detection strategy.

Manage incidents in one workflow

4/28/2023 — Assess the impact, analyse root cause and manage incidents effectively.

Navigate your entire stack with ease

4/1/2023 — Browse your data assets across dbt, BI tools or data warehouse

Analytics for Data Practitioners

2/27/2023 — Aka data about metadata, for purple people.

More powerful filters for more ambitious use cases

2/21/2023 — Filter groups, email alerts, improved table tests.

dbt to Looker impact assessment in two clicks

2/10/2023 — Synq experience now works across data transformations and BI.

Make the most important data stand out

1/24/2023 — Giving teams the tools to manage their most important data assets.

Alerts and Users management

1/16/2023 — Invite colleagues, set alerts for all assets, owners or custom groups.

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