Written by Petr Janda — 2/10/2023

dbt to Looker impact assessment in two clicks

Synq experience now works across data transformations and BI.

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Navigating complex lineage got a lot easier. New upstream and downstream navigation panels give you a quick summary of what is up and downstream. You can select items by status, criticality, or type with a few clicks.

Performance improvements

We’ve optimized underlying storage systems and accelerated most app views that load large groups of assets by 2-3x. Our lineage endpoints were reworked, too, slashing loading times sometimes from tens of seconds to under 1s. We continue looking for more performance improvements with our commitment to delivering great and performant user experiences.

Other improvements

  • Supports for extraction of multiple tags from dbt
  • Views display the number of assets that are included
  • Settings was moved to its own section under the “gear/cog” icon
  • Tags, where the owner name matches the slack handle, are now triggering a notification in Slack
  • Improved Looker health-check information integration section helping debug various error states that can happen as we pull data from Looker
  • Alerts sometimes rendered links instead of asset names, becoming unnecessarily long.
  • Disabled alerts under some conditions kept active.
  • Alerts with owner setup are correctly filtering errors.

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