Meet some of our customers

We're proud to work with these world-class companies, empowering them to build reliable business-critical data.

5 million
Runs & tests monitored each day.
360 million
Total asset runs tracked.
18,000 assets
In our largest workspace.

Rupert Arup

Data Lead at Lendinvest

LendInvest speeds loan processing and reduces risk with dbt Cloud and Synq
We now catch issues proactively— the relevant teams outside the data team are responsible for fixing breaking changes caused by data from systems they own. This frees up the data team and reduces the time to resolution.

Time to identify business-critical data issues reduced from weeks to minutes

Caught 10s of issues in near real-time, preventing business risk

Paul Flynn

Head of BI at Instabee

Instabee doubled down on data quality and achieved 5-minute issue resolution times
We chose Synq as our end-end data observability platform due to the capabilities to proactively catch issues with a powerful anomaly detection engine, and the issue resolution & ownership workflow tightly integrated with dbt.

Business-critical issues detected in minutes instead of days

5-minute issue resolution times for most issues

Weiting Xu

Head of Data at Cazoo

Multi-warehouse data reliability aligned to business domains.
Synq helps us unify errors from all our systems into one place to easily see if issues originate from Redshift or BigQuery, who its owner is, potential root causes, and the downstream impact.

Alerts from multiple warehouses routed to relevant teams

Reduced ongoing data issues by 75%

Ilmari Aalto

Analytics Engineer at Typeform

Typeform sped up refactoring workflows and reduced ongoing errors by a factor of ten
Synq lets us see all errors in one place and quickly assess the impact across thousands of data models and dashboards with automated lineage from dbt to Looker. As a result, we discovered business-critical issues and fixed scheduling bugs we’d otherwise have missed.

Ongoing errors reduced by a factor of ten

Refactoring workflows sped up by 30%

Casper Orloff

Director of Data at Lunar

Lunar built a reliable data platform to comply with regulatory requirements
As a regulated bank, our KPIs must be accurate, reliable, and updated on time. Synq solves our observability needs—and the anomaly monitors are an essential complement to our dbt tests to complete our data governance strategy.

Unified data truth brought into one governed data platform

Ownership across 14 domains reduced unaddressed issues by 50%

Tom Slade

Head of Analytics at Dext

Dext overcame weekly MRR data quality issues with Synq and dbt
With Synq, we can manage ownership and importance on top of our data quality controls in dbt. This ensures that important issues get acted on fast and frees up time for the data team that would otherwise have been spent triaging and debugging issues.

FTE time tied up resolving data issues reduced by hundreds of hours

Data downtime reduced by 50% by enabling owners to be notified of errors instantly