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Anomaly monitors and dbt tests to ensure the quality of business-critical pipelines

How to build reliable data pipelines by combining domain knowledge and automated data checks

The importance of data quality for automated customer engagement

How to improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns by reducing upstream data quality issues

Mikkel Dengsøe - 7/21/2023

The hidden cost of data quality issues on the return of ad spend

How leading companies drive value-driven ad spend allocation based on customer lifetime value and overcome costly data issues

Mikkel Dengsøe - 7/5/2023

How to identify your business-critical data

Practical steps to identifying business-critical data models and dashboards and drive confidence in your data

Mikkel Dengsøe - 6/11/2023

Activating ownership with data contracts in dbt

How to use data contracts, tests and Synq to enforce quality and activate ownership between producers, consumers and data teams

Mikkel Dengsøe - 6/4/2023

Untaming the spaghetti lineage

Why data lineage workflows break with scale and how to fix it

Mikkel Dengsøe - 5/11/2023

New capabilities to manage data reliability at scale

Petr Janda - 5/9/2023

The struggles scaling data teams face

How asset sprawl in large data teams makes onboarding, development, monitoring and self-serve harder

Mikkel Dengsøe - 5/4/2023

Data and product to engineer ratio at 50 tech scaleups

What the number of data and product people relative to engineers can tell us about how top tech scaleups operate

Mikkel Dengsøe - 4/13/2023

Incident management for data teams

Practical steps for managing incidents in data teams for faster resolution, better transparency and less hassle

Mikkel Dengsøe - 4/6/2023

Data alerts are hard

The difficulty of building alerting workflows fit for scale

Mikkel Dengsøe - 3/20/2023

Analytics engineering workflows with dbt and Synq

Four improvements to your dbt workflows to build reliable data for scaling data teams

Mikkel Dengsøe - 3/1/2023

Europe data salary benchmark 2023

A pay benchmark for data analysts, data scientists, analytics engineers and data engineers across hundreds of companies

Mikkel Dengsøe - 2/16/2023

The complete guide to building reliable data with dbt tests

10 practical steps from top data teams

Mikkel Dengsøe - 2/7/2023

Designing severity levels for data issues

Things to consider when setting severity levels, how to act based on different severity levels and simple steps to getting started

Mikkel Dengsøe - 1/20/2023

Defining ownership and making it actionable

What to consider before defining ownership, how to manage ownership of upstream and downstream teams and a few simple steps to getting started

Mikkel Dengsøe - 1/15/2023

The unique challenges faced by fintech data teams

Fintech startups have multiple times the amount of critical metrics and data systems making the stakes higher than anywhere else.

Mikkel Dengsøe - 1/12/2023

Data team as % of workforce: A deep dive into 100 tech scaleups

What’s the right ratio of data roles in scaleups and why it should probably be higher than you think.

Mikkel Dengsøe - 1/10/2023

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