Understand your data platform

Gain insights into the quality, usage, cost and performance of your data platform — with Synq’s unified cross-platform analytics.

Detect Strategy

Analytics that traverses platforms

There’s a limit to the value of analytics you can obtain from each platform you use. Gain insights that span your platforms instead — from orchestrator to BI. Uncover actionable suggestions to improve quality, performance, cost, and establish SLAs.


“Do you have any tests that generate cost on dbt models that have no downstream usage?“

We've saved tens of thousands of dollars a year by finding these. And a lot more.

Dig into multi-modal intelligence

Quality, usage, cost and performance are intricately interrelated. Don’t look at each in isolation. Analyze your platform holistically – all from one view.


Measure quality factors such as frequency of errors, incident resolution times, or uptime. In short, understand the quality of all your data.


Tie the cost of activities — such as transforming data, running tests or making queries — to people and tools. Uncover cost optimizations that make your CFO happy.


Understand which data assets generate the most value by analyzing usage patterns — such as number of queries or the variety of downstream data use cases.


Analyze runtimes of models and tests over time and understand which models are holding your data back from meeting delivery SLAs.

Detect Strategy

Get use-case centric insights

There’s no need to wade through dozens of filters to get the answers you need. Focus on unearthing actionable insights that are relevant to a specific audience.

  • Optimize cost
    Slash costs of models and tests by focusing on what is really needed.
  • Uncover data quality hotspots
    Understand which areas of your data have poor quality.
  • Boost performance
    Uncover performance improvements across critical paths of your data.

A fully integrated data reliability platform

Our integrations make it easy to work with all the platforms and applications you want to use. We’re proud to be a fully integrated platform for data quality.

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How does Synq work?

Synq is the data reliability platform for teams that own business-critical data. Synq delivers precise anomaly detection, a robust ownership model, incident management and issue resolution for teams that power business-critical use cases.

Is Synq a SaaS-based solution or on-prem?

Synq is a cloud tool (run on Google Cloud) that can be accessed directly through your web browser from anywhere.

How long does it take to get up and running on Synq?

Less than 30 minutes! New Synq customers often can’t quite believe this when they hear it. But the way Synq is architected means you can start using the platform and improving your data reliability in the time it takes to make and drink a cup of coffee.

How does Synq pricing work?

We have three pricing tiers to suit businesses at different stages of their data-reliability journey.

Do you provide platform training or support?

Yes. We’re data experts that love collaborating with and helping data teams. Our support team is here to handle urgent issues. And we offer a consultative service to help you get the most out of the Synq platform. We approach each case looking at business problems, not just tool problems. We help our clients to understand what’s really business-critical, how well it’s working, and how to ensure that any critical impact is prioritized.

Can someone give me a demonstration?

Yes, you can request a demo here (with an actual data expert, not a salesperson). Or if you’re in a rush to find out how Synq works, you can check out our YouTube channel.

How do I get started?

Quickly and easily. After you’ve been assigned a Synq workspace, just follow these steps for the optimal setup.

How often do you update the platform?

Synq continuously innovates and ships quickly so our customers can manage their business-critical data more easily and efficiently. From column-core lineage, to prioritized incident management, to automated alerts that link between incidents and critical data products – where we lead, the market follows.

How secure is Synq?

Absolutely. Synq adheres to SOC2 and GDPR regulations. Our design and operations prioritise security, ensuring the safeguarding of individual systems and information through cryptographic controls. We are hosted on Google Cloud (GCP/Europe) and encryption is applied by default to all data in transit and at rest. (for what its worth, we've been successfully onboarded by a major bank, and we all know how strict they are!)

What is Synq’s data-retention policy?

Customer data is retained for as long as the account is in active status. Data enters an “expired” state when the account is voluntarily closed. Expired account data will be retained for 28 calendar days. After this period, the account and related data will be removed. Check out our data policy here.

How do you get started with the Synq developer API?

The Synq API is available for developers to manage certain functionalities using custom workflows. Synq exposes its API as gRPC services. This means that the API is as easy to use as calling functions from your code.