— Written by Ed Orozco — 9/29/2023

More clear error feedback in integrations

You now can also keep toasts on for longer and other functional improvements.

Now, it’s easier to understand format errors when connecting other platforms to Synq.

We added more specific error messages, helper texts, and format checks to prevent the most common errors.

Life is beautiful when you don’t have to read Tableau’s or Redshift’s documentation.

Format checks in integrations

Connect to Slack right from the integrations page

If you need to reconnect your Slack workspace, you can now quickly do so from the integrations section.

Slack integration

New code syntax highlighting

It was probably Yoda who once said, “If you have to stare at SQL code all day, it better look good.”

Syntax highlighting

Keep those toasts on

Keep important notification messages longer. Toasts will stay on the screen if you hover the cursor over them.

You also now have a button to close them. They’ll be gone in a few seconds if you don’t do anything.

Did you know they were called toasts, by the way? Toast to that!

Keep the toast