— Written by Petr Janda — 5/22/2023

Assets overview and new filters

Browse all assets, and filter incremental tables or issues from yesterday.

We’ve revamped the assets overview screen to bring a birds-eye overview of your Stack and new filters that support more profound use cases, especially for dbt.

Assets Overview

With a summary of your data by platform, type and annotations.

Assets Overview

Review all models or explore data with specific annotation.

Materialization filter

Materialization filter is available under Annotations allowing you to select assets with a specific materialization strategy. It supports built-in and custom materializations that we can parse across your projects.

Materialization filter

Filter all incremental models. See it in action: Status since filter.

Materialization is also displayed in the Asset Overview title.

Materialization in Overview

Materialization is displayed in Asset Overview.

Status history

The most obvious choice when looking for asset failures is to look at the ones that are failing now. But sometimes you need to know the history. Synq Status filter supports new options to filter assets that fail now, last 24h, seven days, or 30 days to help you understand which assets failed at least once over a more extended period.

Status history filter

Failing assets in the last 24h.