— Written by Petr Janda — 1/16/2023

Alerts and Users management

Invite colleagues, set alerts for all assets, owners or custom groups.

Create relevant alerts in four simple steps:

  1. Open Alerts Management via Avatar -> Alerts.
  2. Choose assets that will trigger an alert. You can choose between all assets, assets by their owner, or a custom-built rule combining ownership, importance, folders, or individual assets to get as specific as you need.
  3. Choose a template and define how should your alerts look. You can optimize for concise slack messages or granular details, set a severity threshold of what alerts you want to receive, or, if you prefer, get a reminder about ongoing issues.
  4. Chose a target Slack channel

Set up as many alerts as needed to route issues in front of the right people across your team. We’ve designed Alerts to play with Ownership smoothly.

New User Management

Invite your colleagues to Synq with new User Management available under Avatar -> Team.

Ownership on the test-level

Synq supports tests across Owners and custom Alerts. Select all tests, combine them with other filters or asset types and define ownership precisely to your needs.

Ownership supports tests and combinations of tests with any other filters.

Note: Tests and Macros are now shown in All Assets list by default. If you wish to see the view without them, you can apply a Type filter and exclude both dbt Macro and dbt Test from the list. ‍

Other improvements

💅 Improved performance of lineage in most scenarios.

💅 Model / Source level tests show link to the asset they are testing to simplify navigation.