— Written by Ed Orozco — 1/12/2024

Jump to products, owners, and incidents directly from Search.

Do more with search, filter product issues and see products in lineage preview

Search Products, Owners and Incidents

Our search lets you find assets based on their name, path, columns, and description. It’s the fastest way to get anywhere in Synq.

From today, Search also brings up data products, owners and incidents. Just press ENTER to go to a result.

This is another stepping stone towards our goal of making every element in your stack more easily accessible.


Status filters in data products

It can be hard to debug data products when there are a lot of issues to go through.

You can now filter data product issues by severity or by their location, whether that’s upstream or in the data product itself.

This will make it faster for you to address the most severe issues first.

Data products filters

Downstream products in data product lineage preview in Overview

Data Products can work as an abstraction layer for your lineage. We understand that assets in your products are, by definition, important for your team.

Now, you can directly see if there are downstream products from any product’s Overview.

This works as an effective proxy for how important a given product is. Click ‘See lineage ’ to see the exact assets and get the complete picture.

Data products downstream