— Written by Ed Orozco — 10/27/2023

Support for PIVOT functions and Data Products BETA

Snooze monitors, set a daily schedule for opt-in monitors, and a sneak peek into Data Products.

Snooze monitors

Listening to valuable feedback from our customers, we changed the “Mute” function in monitors to “Snooze” which stops alerts for 7 days.

Snooze monitors

Snooze indicators

Also requested by our customers was the ability to see the snooze indicators in the anomaly panel. We added that in as well.

Snooze indicator

Opt-in monitors schedule

You can now set opt-in monitors to run on a daily schedule at any time of the day.


Our lineage now supports PIVOT and other functions.

Data Products

We just released the BETA version of Synq Products. A new way to organize, debug, and maintain the reliability of your data products.

In the BETA version, you have access to a dashboard with the current status of each product, their upstream assets and a summary of their status over the past 7 days.

Data Products

Open a product to see their lineage, assets they contain, and the monitors and dbt tests that check its status.

Data Products

Drop us a message if you’d like to try it out.