Written by Petr Janda — 4/28/2023

Manage incidents in one workflow

Assess the impact, analyse root cause and manage incidents effectively.

Incident management can be stressful, but with Synq, we streamline the process to provide quick access to relevant information. Our incident management workflow begins with an alert sent to your email or Slack, complemented by new Incident Management UI.

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Our UI provides a holistic overview of the incident.


This includes information such as:

  1. What exactly is failing across dbt models or tests, BI or anomaly monitors
  2. Summary of the incident and owners who are responsible for failing assets
  3. Summary of downstream impact so you can understand which assets, which downstream teams and how critically are impacted

From summary you assess exact list of impacted owners and downstream teams via Impacted Assets and Impacted Owners tabs respectively.

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Note: To maximise the value of incident management, we recommend setting business teams as owners for your downstream assets such as BI dashboards or dbt Exposures. They will not receive direct alerts but will appear in incident impact summaries to help anyone understand who is impacted downstream.

Our Incident UI offers full details on each failure, including error messages, a list of commits, and the exact SQL code.

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Try Synq incident management to manage incidents with ease!

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