— Written by Ed Orozco — 6/30/2023

Brand new lineage

We rebuilt our entire lineage specifically for large workspaces and introduced many usability improvements.

Large lineages

We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks rebuilding our lineage, and we have so much to share, so let’s dive in.

Rebuilt for large data stacks

Our lineage can now process tens of thousands of models. This is something that most tools can’t do, and we believe it will be super helpful for some of our customers with large workspaces.

Large lineages

Explore your own way

Instead of expanding your entire lineage at once, we now let you decide which references to expand. This will avoid filling the screen with irrelevant models and allow you to choose which path to explore.

Path explorer

Untangle the spaghetti

When you hover over an asset, its connecting lines light up. This helps you see how it relates to other assets.


Go up or go down

Use the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen to expand all assets upstream or downstream in a single click. We’re nuts about speed around here.

Expand one level

It’s so fast!

Assets expand instantly to help you stay in focus.

Other improvements

  1. We switched the font we use for code and results from dbt runs to Fira Mono. So our friends on Windows will have the same beautiful font as our Mac users.
  2. A healthy dose of bug-squashing and performance enhancement.