— Written by Petr Janda — 5/1/2023

Unified error detection with dbt tests and anomaly monitors

Combine dbt tests and anomaly monitors into one error detection strategy.


We created Synq to solve data platform reliability end-to-end. Our focus was first on dbt test tracking, data ownership management, and on-point alerts. But we were missing an important component. This is why we are excited to launch our beta program for the next important capability: Anomaly monitoring.

Going forward Synq helps data teams develop comprehensive data testing strategies that combine explicit dbt tests with anomaly monitors.

With Synq, you can:

  1. Deploy anomaly monitoring that is aware of your dbt project, such as automatically deploying data freshness and volume monitoring on dbt sources as data enters your dbt ecosystem.
  2. Complement your dbt tests by deploying anomaly monitors on your critical data assets.
  3. Track anomalies in data warehouse landing tables to detect issues upstream from dbt.

Synq’s anomaly monitors are surfaced in the platform like any other data assets and work seamlessly with ownership and alerting to route issues to the relevant teams. Our anomaly engine supports major data warehouses, including Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and Clickhouse.

Reach out to #petr on Slack or email at petr@synq.io to try it out.