— Written by Ed Orozco — 12/22/2023

Ownership-based alerting

We made it easier to receive alerts you care about based on ownership and severity levels

As you grow your data stack, clear ownership boundaries are essential to drive accountability and ensure that relevant owners are notified about issues on their assets.

Working with dozens of teams, we’ve seen that there are many cases where you need a high level of flexibility to fit each use case, such as

  • Send alerts about warn-level and error-level dbt alerts to separate channels with different SLA expectations
  • Notify a data product owner of issues on upstream assets
  • Notify multiple owners of issues on assets that are impacted by issues

This week, we’ve shipped functionality to streamline how you manage and map alerts to owners.

Overview of alerts by owner

See all owned assets and alerts for assets you own and toggle alerts (enabled/disabled) to always be in the loop when assets you care about have issues.

Alerts overview

Alerts for asset groups

Not all data assets neatly fit into data products. Therefore, you can create alerts based on your chosen grouping of assets. Our engine supports a set of scenarios to fit almost any use case you can think of

  • Get alerted about issues upstream from a set of Looker dashboards
  • Get alerted about errors on dbt models that match a specific prefix
  • Get alerted about issues on assets in a specific data warehouse schema

Asset groups alerts