Written by Ed Orozco — 9/15/2023

We now support warehouse query logs

Query logs help us identify costly models and boost the precision of freshness monitors.

Support for Snowflake, BigQuery, and ClickHouse query logs

Processing query logs gives Synq deep insight into how your data works and opens the door to several new use cases you can solve with Synq.

With a granular query-level understanding of cost, we can analyze which models, teams of owners, or specific data consumers and tools are the most costly and where potential savings are.

The exact timestamp of data loads to tables allows Synq to bootstrap freshness monitors on the history of data loads and accelerate their deployment and ability to detect anomalies.

In essence, we will understand your data even more.

cost analysis

Models and their tables in the lineage

Models and their respective tables appear as a single node in the lineage. This helps you understand how a model relates to other tables upstream or downstream.

Models and tables in the lineage

Test and monitors associated with a model will now appear on the table and vice versa.

This makes it easy to see how the health of a particular asset is determined, regardless of whether you’re looking at a model or at its table.

Monitor in table overview

We extended the time before you have to sign in again

You used to have to sign in every 24 hours. Now, you can go an entire week without having to sign in. Less signing in, more productivity.

Sign in image

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that was making the lineage crash when refocusing on some tables
  • In some cases, assets without upstream or downstream relationships showed a completely empty lineage. Now you see the current asset.

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