— Written by Petr Janda — 2/27/2023

Analytics for Data Practitioners

Aka data about metadata, for purple people.


As data practitioners, we spend a lot of time nurturing and preparing data for other people in the business. Wouldn’t it be cool to have someone prepare data for us? We felt exactly like that at Synq and decided to build analytics for purple people.

In the first iteration we focused on asset-level data. You can now explore 30-day history of vital metrics about each (relevant) data asset:

  1. Runtime, to understand how has performance of your model evolved.
  2. Volume of rows, that indicates how is your data asset size growing.
  3. Freshness, to always know how frequently is data in your asset refreshed.
  4. Model/Tests Downtime, to see how many hours or days per month is your asset down, separately for model and tests.

The analytics metrics update every hour and are aggregated into daily buckets.

We are excited to hear your use cases and feedback to understand how we improve asset-level analytics and use cases for higher-level views as we build analytics for owners, views, and entire data platforms. Don’t hesitate to contact me by tagging @petr in our Slack channel.

Admin and Member roles

Not everyone needs a full control of Synq. To model your organisation we have introduced Admin and Member roles. Admin has a full control of the workspace, can manage users, alerts, owners or importance definitions. Members have full visibility into everything but can’t change configurations or invite new users.

Editing alerts

Alerts are only sometimes perfect on the first go. For cases when they are not, we’ve introduced edit functionality that lets you change assets that trigger alerts, the format of how they look, target Slack channels or email addresses, or their name.

Other improvements

  • 🐛 Synq ownership was sometimes crashing when owner was defined on too large set of assets (20,000+)
  • 🐛 Login correctly displays Synq logo, yaay!
  • 💅 More human-readable header messages in alerts
  • 🔒 New users are forced to create a new password on their first login
  • 💅 New font optimised for cleaner look