— Written by Petr Janda — 1/24/2023

Make the most important data stand out

Giving teams the tools to manage their most important data assets.

Every company has some data assets that can’t go wrong—reports to regulators, data for operational teams, or product data surfaced to customers. They are business-critical.

With Synq, you can clarify what data assets can’t fail across dbt, dbt jobs, or BI tools in a single interface. Just combine relevant filters using tags, meta attributes, folders, or selection of specific assets.

Once you define importance of your assets it propagates across entire Synq, to views, to alerts, to lineage and allows you to use importance as a filter.

You can always come back and adjust list of important assets. We will propagate your changes and keep your views and alerts up to date with its latest definition.

In views—Combine important assets with any other filters to create new views or to define specific alerting rules for important data.

Issues on important assets are clearly indicated in alerts

In alerts—We will make sure that any issue comes to the relevant people with a clear indication of their importance and relevant debugging details so you can fix them fast.


In lineage—Filter lineage for important assets to ease impact assessment of changes or issues on your key data.

Impact assessment for important assets

Other improvements

💅 LookML support for GitLab and Bitbucket