— Written by Mikkel Dengsøe — 7/5/2024

Reducing alert overload

Ongoing alerts, annotations for SQL tests, and improved search & navigation

Scheduled alerts

Ongoing alerts can be triggered by a daily schedule. This lets you get a daily recap of issues you haven’t yet fixed without getting alert overload when you run your tests or monitors more frequently.


Annotations in SQL test

You can now add annotations to SQL tests. This lets you use existing Synq annotations workflows, such as managing ownership of SQL tests – just as you’d do for assets such as dbt tests and models.


What else we’ve shipped

🆕 Ability to parse interval logic in function calls (e.g., date_sub(now(), interval 12 hour))

🆕 Improved layout of search results so that more information is visible

🧹 SQL test creation flow now appears on the table overview page

🧹 Filter Platform → SYNQ has been added

🧹 We removed platform summary filters and replaced them with integrations for browser navigation

🧹 Integrations navigation now takes you to the selected integration overview page