— Written by Ed Orozco — 2/9/2024

Support for Postgres

One of the most popular transactional databases joins our family of integrations and more updates to incident management.


You can now integrate your Postgres databases with Synq.

Just head over to Settings > Integrations > New integration and enter your details.

As with any tables in Synq, you can assign them owners, add them to data products, and track anomalies by deploying monitors on them.

Updates to incident management

  • Added breadcrumbs in incidents to it’s easier to see where you are and jump back to previeous pages.

  • Added the possibility to revert the resolution status of a failure in incidents.

  • Moved the “See all issues” button to the title from the bottom of the list of past issues. Now, it doesn’t get pushed out of sight if the list is too long.

  • Collapsed issues with more than five failures, so it’s faster to scroll down the list. You can see the rest by clicking “Show all.”

  • We also collapse comments in failures now, so they don’t push the rest of the failures too far down by default.

  • Impacted products now have a “Product” label, making them easier to identify.


Other UI Improvements

  • Moved the status indicator of columns in Overview to the left, and the side panel no longer covers it.

Bug fixes

  • We removed the possibility of declaring incidents on closed issues.

  • Fixed an issue where the UI would hang when marking a failure as expected.

  • Clicking on a canceled issue no longer redirects you to the list of open incidents.