Written by Ed Orozco — 2/23/2024

See incidents affecting your data products

Detailed lists of the impact of issues, more control in triage, and better parsing of BigQuery.

Visibility of issues and incidents affecting data products

In the product’s overview and issues tab, we now show you incidents and issues involving a data product. This will help you quickly jump to the specific issues affecting a product you own and see its details. Incidents in data products

See list of impacted assets in incidents

Clicking on the impact assessment panel now shows you a list of the specific models, tables, or dashboards impacted by a failure. Incidents in data products

More granular activity tracking

The activity feed of issues and incidents now shows when an incident is declared and closed. Incidents in data products

Revert issues to triage

Issues marked as “no action needed” can be returned to triage. This is helpful when you disregard them by accident or want to leave them untriaged for a colleague or for revisiting later. Incidents in data products

Bug fixes and improvements

  • We now parse ”#” as a line comment for BigQuery.
  • Better support for string escape sequences in column-level lineage.
  • If an incident has been declared for a specific issue, clicking on that issue in Slack will take you directly to that incident.
  • Solved a bug where ownerships were not correctly displayed in some assets.
  • All failures are now sorted by severity.
  • UI improvements to incidents.
  • Fixed a bug where delete owners were still showing in the impact panel in incidents and issues.

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