— Written by Petr Janda — 2/21/2023

More powerful filters for more ambitious use cases

Filter groups, email alerts, improved table tests.

With data stack size getting well into hundreds or thousands of data assets, its hard to zoom into what is relevant for you. Synq filters were the first step to tackle this challenge making it easy to select assets by status, type, owner, importance, or their combination. Multiple filter criteria combined as an intersection so you could find exactly what you need.

But there were still advanced use cases that were hard to express. That’s why we introduced Filter Groups.

Filter groups act as independent filters and are combined as a union, matching assets that satisfy at least one of the filter groups. Each filter group has one or many filters that are intersected (as before).

Filter groups open support for new scenarios, such as:

  1. Create a new data owner and combine assets that match at least one of a few tags
  2. Create a view as a combination of assets in a specific folder + handpicked selection of assets from elsewhere
  3. In lineage, display all dbt assets with errors + Looker objects and see the flow of errors into your BI assets
  4. Set an alert on all assets flagged as important + assets that have specific dbt metadata

The filter groups work everywhere — in views, lineage, ownership, importance, or custom alert definition, ensuring that teams can create relevant views of their data in all use cases.

Email alerts target

Synq alerts are designed to bring relevant context about issues in front of the right people. We have started with Slack as a primary tool to deliver alerts, and today we’re launching an email alerts target that complements our existing integration with Slack. For any alert, you can now choose one or more email addresses as recipients, who will receive alerts with the same level of detail (error message, last commit, or downstream impact) into their inbox.

Other improvements

  • 💅 Asset overview table tests are now grouped to increase utilisation of the space in the screen
  • 💅 Importance has new ‘fire’ icon
  • 💅 Documentation now at hand with a new link from Settings