— Written by Ed Orozco — 6/16/2023

Monitors and UI updates

Monitor sensitivity, statuses, and UI improvements.

Adjust the sensitivity of monitors

Adjust self-learning monitors sensitivity to reflect your risk profile. Set precise monitors to detect deviations as slight as <1% from your normal traffic or a relaxed monitor that only detects significant changes, such as a large portion of your data missing.

Monitor sensitivity

See the status of monitors

Some models can take a few days to train to spot seasonal trends. While this happens, you can check their status and get an estimate of when it will be ready to go.

Monitor status

A refreshed look for views

Views now take up much less space in your home screen, so you can more quickly get to what you need. As always, you can quickly see how many assets each view has and the downtime of its longest failing asset. But now we display it in a single text row that’s more clear and space-efficient.

Monitor status

Improved recent alerts widget

We now group all alerts by job run. This eliminates duplication and lets you more quickly understand where errors came from.

Recent alerts widget

Better display of owners

Owners got some love as well. Now we display them in rows so they are easier to scan. On the left-hand side of each row, you can see the indicator that tells you if any of their assets has errors. On the right-hand side, you can see how many assets they own.

Owners column list